First post, hopefully many more to come

25 Mar

A long, long time ago, there were precious few “web logs (yes, old skool usage here)” on the Net that focused on lesser-known and non-translated manga.  Now that number has increased, but the intrepid & hopelessly dedicated writers still remain an exclusively small group.  I’m basically a “plus 1” to the category and plan to share my borderline-sick obsession with the rest of the English-speaking world.

I lived, dreamed, and breathed manga from when I was in 5th grade till the end of high school.  Manga seeped out of my pores and I needed to get my fix everyday.  It provided me countless hours, nay, years, of entertainment and brought me loads of joy, sorrow, utter despair, and exultant happiness.

When I entered college, real life kicked me hard in the butt and I started focusing on my studies and making friends and miraculously even made a boyfriend or two. I had to sadly say goodbye to my manga mistresses but like a true junkie, I came crawling back on all fours…

Wow, the above-paragraphs really do make me sound like an obsessed freak.  I’m actually a well-adjusted (self-professed), normal human being who happens to like manga.  It’s not the most expensive hobby (thank goodness) and I also view it as semi-educational as I mostly read in Japanese or Korean.  My Korean is completely fluent and my Japanese is almost there but I do largely prefer to have furigana with my kanji.  And because I was reading raw manga for such a long time, my reading skills in both languages are quite on point, if I do say so myself.  I mostly adhere to shoujo and josei manga but have read all the great shounen and seinen titles and continue to do so.  I’ve read across all genres and ratings and even dabbled in a bit of that eroguro stuff.  I equally love Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu and Kiseijuu.  Yep, I have eclectic tastes and am damn proud of it.  Right now I’m subscribing to two manga magazines, which are Sho-Comi (only for Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu) and Bessatsu Margaret (for, uhh…At least five titles, all awesome: Aoharaido, Kimi ni Todoke, 360 Materials, Tora to Ookami, and Heroine Shikkaku).  I also regularly pick up Hana to Yume (for Kamisama Hajimemashita and Love So Life) and occasionally pick up Margaret/Cheese!/Betsufure/Dessert/Feel Young/Betsucomi/Petit Comic/Cookie/Betsuma Sister/Chara Selection/Wings.  And then of course there are the tankoubon…Ahh, the sweet smell of JDM paper presses never fails to impress me.

Crap, manga doesn’t seem to be such a cheap hobby when I list it out!  Either way, get thee to a bookstore and start reading!


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