Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu Chapter 86

4 Jun

Yay for another chapter! And Kyouta’s looking mighty fine on the cover. Kyouta actually gets released from the hospital now and he’s about to have the big reunion with Tsubaki later on…So click to expand for pics & synopsis!

The chapter starts out with all these girls who are lamenting over the fact that Hananoi Hiro is too busy to cut and style their hair. A receptionist at the salon is telling the customers over the phone that to get a reservation with Hananoi, they’ll have to wait a whole month! We see that Hananoi has graced a ton of fashion magazine covers and there are tons of editorials with him as the feature. As Tsubaki is waiting at Salon Parfait to get her hair styles by Hananoi, she glances back and is in awe at Hananoi’s abilities & fame!

Hananoi’s ready to work on Tsubaki now and he calls her over to his station. Tsubaki nervously interjects and tells him that she would like to keep her hair long and that she cannot dye her hair because of school regulations. She wonders if with her restrictions, can he properly practice on her? Hananoi looks at her and asks, “Practice?” Tsubaki says to Hananoi that isn’t that why he wanted to practice on her? To learn to better at shampooing and cutting hair? As she says that, another shop clerk asks her WTH is she talking about? Why would Hananoi need to practice…Then before the other guy can finish his sentence, Hananoi intervenes and tells him that it’s ok, this time he’ll just style Tsubaki’s hair without really cutting it. Tsubaki’s a bit confused but relieved.

Hananoi is now starting to work on Tsubaki’s hair, as as he’s combing his fingers over her hair, he remarks that she’s been doing her hair treatments and that she has the kind of hair that he wants to bow down to (as he kneels!). Tsubaki’s a bit confused about his odd choice of words and tells him that she’s thankful for what he said to her earlier. She says that it really was exactly as Hananoi said: she needs to take care of her hair and appearance and her mood will lift. She says that she’s still torn about her future decisions, but she has stopped being so depressed. Hananoi smiles warmly as he hears her say this.

He asks her how does she cut her hair and she says that she cuts it herself. He’s shocked when he hears this. Tsubaki explains that when she was younger, she used to go to the neighborhood salons but realized that the cut always turned out weird and so she bought a pair of scissors and started practicing herself. Truthfully, she would like to have gone to salons such as Parfait but the prices are too high for her. Hananoi listens to what she has to say and then remarks that it’s pretty amazing that she has done this herself…He thought that it was an extremely amateurish effort! Tsubaki’s absolutely shocked. Hananoi then says that should she practice under the tutelage of a professional at a salon, she can quickly gain experience to become better, and that she should try to work at a high-end salon to up her skills. Tsubaki chimes in that she hasn’t said anything about wanting to become a hairstylist. Hananoi sees right through her and says that that’s what she wants to become, isn’t it? Tsubaki admits that yes, she has always wanted to become a hairstylist but her parents are completely against it and she can’t convince them otherwise. Therefore, for the time being, she is content in going to a good college and later on, maybe one day it’ll become possible. Hananoi remarks that it’s great that she’s thinking of going to a college…Since she’s clearly not cut out to be a hairstylist.

Tsubaki freezes…Then jumps out of her hair and asks him what his problem is. She asks him angrily that he doesn’t know anything about her, so how can he say those things about her?! She thinks back to all the times when she did her friends’ hair and how all of them have been impressed…And she’s so pissed that Hananoi will not acknowledge that at all!

She then pulls the chair up for Hananoi, and asks him to sit down. She will now style Hananoi’s hair, so he can be the final judge on whether she has what it takes to become a hairstylist or not. Hananoi smiles, then asks Tsubaki if she knows what the job turnover rate for hairstylists is. He says it’s 80%. He tells her that there are many who seek to become a hairstylist because it seems cool and glamorous, but they don’t realize that to train it’s at least three years, then they have to work from dusk to dawn as an assistant, and even after all that they make peanuts as a new hairstylist…It really is a harsh line of work. Tsubaki tells him that she knows it’s not something a person can go into without a ton of will power. Hananoi then says that she should know, then, that if she doesn’t even have the will power to convince her parents to allow her to become a hairstylist, this line of work is clearly out of her reach.

Tsubaki is speechless as she knows he’s right. Hananoi pulls the chair up for her again and tells her to sit down, as he has other customers to attend to.

Now we see Sakura and Nishiki in front of the hospital that Kyouta was staying and they’re all smiles, congratulating Kyouta on his recovery. Kyouta is in a foul mood and tells him he’s late! And soon we see why he was so anxious to get out…All the nurses are crying over Kyouta’s leave and they’re clinging onto both of his arms and clinging onto his luggage!!! Finally they get out of that hellhole, and they remark that it’s amazing that Kyouta was able to be discharged two weeks earlier than expected. Kyouta still has the crutch and the dressings on his right leg but he was able to remove the cast from his arm. They remark that this coming Monday will be Kyouta’s first day at school as a high school senior but Kyouta tells them no, he still needs to work on his rehab and that he’ll still be out of school for one more month. Nishiki tells Kyouta that he should try to hurry back, as his class seat is right next to….! He can’t finish as Sakura angrily covers his mouth and whispers to him that it’ll be better to have Kyouta find out for himself that his seat is next to Tsubaki’s, that way it feels more like fate. Sakura then quickly changes the topic and takes out a magazine from her tote, asking Kyouta if he’s seen the magazine yet(it’s a girls’ hair/fashion magazine). He says of course not, and Sakura shows him the page where Tsubaki’s hair has been styled by Hananoi:

Sakura remarks happily that she was just browsing through this magazine the other day and she saw Tsubaki so she was shocked! And also how Tsubaki’s so pretty in the picture. Sakura hands the magazine to Kyouta since she bought two copies. Kyouta turns away and says he doesn’t want it. He then starts walking to the station and is angry and stressed and wonders just what the hell Tsubaki has been up to, looking like that.–A side of Tsubaki he hasn’t seen–when he’s not around.

In the next scene, we see Tsubaki and Miho at school. Miho has a magazine that’s featuring Hananoi out, and she tells Tsubaki that it’s amazing he’s so famous. Miho tells Tsubaki that it was shocking that Tsubaki did all this and didn’t tell her! Tsubaki says she’s also shocked, as she had no idea that her picture was going to be featured in a magazine! Miho says that it’ll be good if that picture isn’t shown to Kyouta because even if it’s through a stylist, no boyfriend would want his girlfriend to be made beautiful by another man! Tsubaki hasn’t even thought about that.

Then we hear some girls calling Tsubaki in the background. As they approach her, they tell her that it’s amazing that she was able to get her hair styled by Hananoi, and that they’re huge fans of him and can Tsubaki introduce them to him? Tsubaki tells them that she’s not really close to him so she can’t do that, then the girls all of a sudden go bat shit crazy and angrily tell her that she already has Kyouta, so let go of Hananoi! They’re going on and on and wondering why there are all these hot guys around Tsubaki…LOL. Tsubaki is now at her limit and yells at them that she cannot introduce them, as she doesn’t even intend to see Hananoi anymore!

Miho asks her why that is, and Tsubaki tells her what happened after the hair styling photo shoot. Tsubaki went up to Hananoi asking him to teach her how to do that one hairstyle he did for her back then, and he tells her that he doesn’t want to teach her anymore, since Tsubaki’s hopes and dreams don’t seem to be what he thought they were. As Tsubaki starts to protest, he hands her a part-time job application and tells her that should she apply and become a part-time employee at the salon, he can teach her. Tsubaki is incredulous and tells him that she’ll never come to see him again!

As Tsubaki’s done thinking about that angry exchange, the class girls are going “gyyaaa gyyyaaa” about another topic: Kyouta is visiting the school right now! They talk about how he’s only visiting for today to take care of some housekeeping items and they whisper that they heard that because Kyouta’s missed so many days of school…It’s possible that he may have to stay back a year.

As Tsubaki hears this, her mind goes blank…And she looks up to see Kyouta entering the classroom.

OMG…That’s it! The live confrontation after…six months or so! The next chapter should prove to be exciting…I’m assuming there’s going to be a dark theme to it. I really hope Kyouta doesn’t stay back a year! And of course, I’m sure that now we’ll be heading full-force to see how Tsubaki goes into the world of hairstyling with Hananoi by her side…


8 Responses to “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu Chapter 86”

  1. cat June 4, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Ooh the next issue is going to be so exciting! I can’t wait for it to be released!

    Kyouta’s finally out of the hospital, yay~ I wonder how this much anticipated meeting will pan out. For a guy who just got out of the hospital, he looks ridiculously good LOL.

    That scene of Hananoi Hiro kneeling is so romantic! Such a courtly gesture.

    Thanks as always for the summary!

    • コニー June 4, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

      No problem Cat, glad you enjoyed it! And yep, I wonder what’s gonna happen next!

  2. BabyDoll June 5, 2011 at 12:02 am #

    I am so thrilled that Kyouta is out of the hospital! So excited for the next chapter! Thank you for the summary!

    • BabyDoll June 5, 2011 at 12:03 am #

      Btw, I like the cover of the chapter! Kyouta looks so hot!

    • コニー June 5, 2011 at 8:30 am #

      Hi Babydoll!

      Yep, I’m glad, as well, buuuuut, now Kyouta may be held back for a year and not be able to graduate with Tsubaki! 😦

  3. Mija June 5, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    OMG! thank you so much for the summary! Keep up the good work, you really made my day! huhuhu (T_T)*tears of happiness! and I can’t agree more how exciting it would be to see Tsubaki beside that new guy *Muahahaha and only after 85 chapters, we can finally see Tsubaki on the offense! *Muahahaha (^^)

    • コニー June 5, 2011 at 9:36 am #

      Hi Mija, I completely agree! Can’t wait for Hananoi’s character to flesh out more and affect Tsubaki more! 🙂 And of course, we all love Kyouta, but he needs to feel some jealousy once in a while. 😉

  4. Jéssica February 27, 2013 at 11:24 am #

    OMG! Tks pela informação.

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